Trophies and records of the most successful athlete in the speed ski history

World record (2015): 252,632 km/h

World record (2014): 252,454 km/h

World record (2006): 251,40 km/h

Current speed 252,987 km/h

14 World Cup (2004-2005-2006-2007-2009-2010-2011-2013-2016-2018-2019-2020-2022-2023)

6 Gold Medal World Championships (2005-2007-2009- 2011-2013-2019)

2 Silver Medal World Championship (2014-2023)

1 Bronze Medal World Championship (2022)

4 Pro World Cup (2004-2006-2008-2009)

6 Speed Master- former Pro World Cup (2010-2011-2012-2013-2014-2015).

2004 Professional Circuit results
Vars (FRA) 1st place
Les Arc (FRA) 3rd place
Verbier (CH) 2nd place2004 World Cup results (FIS)
Leisin (CH) 5th and 2nd place
Sun Peaks (CAN) 2nd and 1st place
Cervinia (ITA) 2nd and 1st place
Hundf Jallet (SVE) 5th place2005 professional circuit results 
Les Arc (FRA) 3rd place2005 World Cup results (FIS)
Salla (FIN) 15th
Goldeck (AUT) 1st place
Reutte (AUT) 1st place
Sun Peaks (CAN) 1st and 2nd place
Leysin (SVI) 1st and 3rd place
Cervinia (ITA) 1st and 7th
Verbier (CH) 4th and 15th place2006 professional circuit results
Les Arc (FRA) 1st place
Verbier (CH) 1st place

2006 World Cup results (FIS)
Sun Peaks (CAN) 1st and 1st place
Orsa (SVE) 1st place
Hundfiallet (SVE) 1st place
Verbier (CH) 1st place

Other races 2006
Goldek (AUT) European Games 1st place
Les Arc (FRA) Reed Rock 2nd place
Sun Peaks (CAN) 1st place

Bad Mitterdorf (AUT) 1st
Sun Peaks (CAN)  4th,  3rd
Velocity Challenge  2nd
Salla (FIN) 2nd, 1st
Hundf Jallet (SWE)   3rd
Idre (SWE)   4th
Cervinia (ITA)  1st
Red Rock Las Arc (FRA)   1st
Speed Master Les Arc (FRA)  1st
Verbier (CH) Mondiali   1st

Vars (FRA)  2nd
Sun Peaks (CAN)  2nd,  3rd
Velocity Challenge  2nd
Salla  (FIN)  2nd, 2nd
Hundf Jallet  (SWE)  2nd
Verbier  (CH)  1st
Verbier (CH) Speed Master 1st

Vars (FRA) 1st
Sun Peaks (CAN) 1st, 1st
Salla (FIN) 3rd, 1st
Hidre (SWE) 1st
Hundf jallet (SWE) 1st
Verbier (CH) 1st, 1st

Vars campionati del mondo (FRA) 1st
Sun Peaks (CAN) 2nd, 1st
Salla (FIN) 2nd, 2nd
Idre (SWE) 4th
Hundf Jallet (SWE) 1st
Verbier (CH) 1st
Verbier (CH) Speed Master 1st


Sun Peaks (CAN) 1st, 2nd
Salla (FIN) 2nd, 2nd
Idre (SWE) 2nd
Hundf Jallet (SWE) 2nd
Verbier (CH) world championship 1st
Verbier (CH) Speed Master 1st

GrandValira (AND) 13th (falling)
Vars (FRA) 7th
Idre (SWE) 3rd, 2nd
Verbier (CH) 2nd

Vars (FRA) world championship 1st
Sun Peaks (CAN) 1st 2nd
Idre (SWE) 1st, 1st
Grandvalira (AND) 2nd
Verbier (CH) 1st
Verbier (CH) Speed Master 1st, 225,820 km/h track record
Vars (FRA) speed master 1st

Vars (FRA) 1st
Sun Peaks (CAN) 2nd, 3rd
GrandValira (AND) 3rd, 3rd
Idre (SWE) 3rd, 16th
Vars (FRA) Speed master 1st, new world record 252,454 km/h

Pas de la Casa (AND) world championship 2nd
Vars (FRA) Speed master 1st, new world record 252,632 Km/h

Sun Peaks (CAN) 2nd
Pas de la casa (AND) 1st – 2nd
Vars (FRA) 1st
Vars (FRA) Speed master 2nd second world performance 252,987 km/h
Idre (SWE) 1st – 1st

Sun Peaks (CAN) 5th – 2nd
Idre (SWE)  world championship 4th
Idre (SWE) 4th
GrandValira (AND) 3rd – 2nd – 2nd

Vars (FRA) 1st – 2nd
Salla (FIN) 1st – 1st
Sun Peaks (CAN) 3rd – 1st – 1st
Idre (SWE) 2nd – 2nd
GrandValira (AND) 1st – 5th
Winner of the tenth World Cup

Salla (FIN) 2nd – 2nd
Idre (SWE) 1st – 1st
Vars (FRA) world championship 1st
Vars (FRA) 2nd
Vars (FRA) Speed Master 2nd
GrandValira (AND) 1st – 1st
Winner of the eleventh World Cup

Vars (FRA) 1st – 1st
Salla (FIN) 1st – 1st
Idre Fjall (SWE) 1st – 1st
Winner of the twelfth World Cup

Idre Fjall (SWE) 3rd – 2nd – 2nd

Vars (FRA) world championship 3rd
Salla (FIN) 1st – 1st
Idre Fjall (SWE) 3rd – 8th – 2nd
GrandValira (AND) 3rd – 1st
Winner of the thirteenth World Cup


Vars (FRA) 1st- 1st – 1st- 2nd – 1st- 2nd
Winner of the fourteenth World Cup